New Nominations

Every once in a while, it's cool to get a kudos for your hard work. I got that in the form of two nominations these past two weeks for my work on the following films:

"Los Americanos" (directed by Kyle Harris) at the OKC 48 Hour Film Project Festival

"Black LIghtning: Tobias's Revenge Part 1" (directed by Choice Skinner) at the Hollywood Dreamz International Film Fest



Woods Battle - Live Recording

It was wonderful recording audio and video for the cue "Woods Battle". This is a short cue in the film Day 7. Video coming soon!

Cello - Erin Yeaman

Violin - Tova Olkinetzky

Flute - Jennifer Raelene Slater

Camera - Mark Williams

Transcription - Zach Sprowls

Location - Mainsite Contemporary Art (Norman, OK)


2018 Is Looking Great!

After taking two seasons off, I am back and excited about all the awesome projects I'll be doing this year.

Here are some of the upcoming films:

* Rough Cut (Season Finale)

* Hide and Sneak

* 9 Seconds

* Elegy of a Hangman

* Day 7

* Dark Horse

I'm not supposed to mention a couple of the films I'll be doing yet, but I'll share as soon as I get the "okay".

It's going to be an amazing year!

2017 so far...

It's spring, which means it is busy season. In the last few weeks I've completed the scores for Alex Preston's "Out" and Choice Skinner's "Black Lightning: Tobias' Revenge: Part One". I'm also working on the trailer for Steve Copling's new book "Sage Alexander and the Hall of Nightmares", which is directed by Shaun Peter Cunningham with Picto Films and will be in book stores April 9th . Next week, I begin work on the Kickstarter video for Hunter Perschbacher and the Omega Pictures crew's "Day 7". Lots of fun stuff going on!

"Out" is a psychological thriller directed by Alex Preston. I got this completed in one session, which is good because it was the only day I could work on it. I've worked with Alex before on a few projects and it is always enjoyable for me.

"Black Lightning: Tobias' Revenge: Part One" is directed by Choice Skinner. It is a DC fan film. While on a mission to rescue the kidnapped mayor of Metropolis, Jefferson Pierce aka (Black Lightning) faces his nemesis Tobias Whale and several high ranking members of the 100 gang. I had begun work on this last year, but it was delayed until earlier this year and made into two parts. The score for part one was both fun and exhausting. We wanted the score to feel like it was part of the current DC universe while being unique on it's own.

1/2 Life and Stray

Two projects done in one weekend. One is called 1/2 Life. It is a short film by Ike Mckris Onyekwere. The other is a short film as well called Stray by Alex Preston. Both super good films. 

Rough Cut Ep. 03 Completed

It feels great to start and finish a project in just one weekend. 10 cues recorded and approved. It's a little easier with this one compared to most projects because the tone is already established and I have a pallet of sounds already set up, although I added new sounds in this one. It made the time crunch I was in not as stressful as it would be had it been a brand new project.

This is my favorite episode so far and I'm pumped for people to see it at the world premier in Austin this weekend.

This week in scoring

I finished two cues for the DC Comics short film Black Lightning yesterday. I'm trying to stay cohesive to the other DC film in the DCEU during the making of this score while also adding my own original element.

On Friday, I meet with Adam Hampton to get handed Rough Cut Episode 3 for scoring. I'm pumped to dive back into the series.

Hunter Perschbacher is launching a fundraiser to raise money for his film Day 7 and I get the footage handed to me on Friday. The score for this film is going to be mainly woodwinds and non-conventional instruments. I have to turn it in by Sunday so I'll have a busy weekend for sure.

Recording Sax With Ted Rider

The Kickstarter page for In the World of the Long Breath is in full gear. I've been recording some samples for the film and I brought in Ted Rider for some saxophone. This guy is amazing at his craft. It really elevated the tracks and took them to a level beyond what I expected. We did a few takes and I picked my favorite parts and edited them together. Here are two tracks from our session:




Pocket Guild

It's almost finished! I've been working on the music and sound FX for the upcoming mobile video game, Pocket Guild. It has been an absolute blast creating the retro-style music for this game. I've always loved the music in 8 and 16 bit games, and I now get to make my own. This is my first time working on a video game and it has been great. I'm so excited for the release!

Check out the website here: