"Sometimes a cat is so talented that it almost takes your breath away.

I met the musician Cory Perschbacher a few years back; Kenny Pitts found him and we roped him into doing the score for The Unusual (Calling of) Charlie Christmas.

He was amazing.

He took my ideas and vaguely specific requests and goofy metaphors for what the movie was needing to "sound like" and he somehow developed the music that elevated the film exponentially. He made a character out of that score. Poignant, exciting, haunted. He connected lonely love notes to frantic fight flourishes and set an emotional backdrop for our flick. And he did it with my wanting changes and alterations and do-it-like-this-but-not-like-this, each time responding with something better than I asked for.

The guy was brilliant.

He's done the same thing with Rough Cut. Go back and watch that pilot and just listen to the music. It'll break your heart. Seriously.

And if you come to the Trail Dance Film Festival at the end of this month, you'll hear his genius with the brand new score for Rough Cut: Episode Two. He shines.

Tonight I just listened to a track he put together for episode three. And it felt like everything Rough Cut is, or at least what I want it to be: painful, honest, lonesome, beautiful.

Cory, my eyes watered. My heart ached. You are a talent, brother."

-Adam Hampton, director/writer/actor The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas, Rough Cut (series)


"Cory was fantastic to work with.  His instincts were great, and I felt like he got the film right away.  We had a ton of cues packed into a very small space on a quick turn around and Cory was able to deliver top notch music under the gun.  He was also really good and open about changes.  All this was done remotely via the internet.  I have complete confidence in Cory and would work with him again, especially on an atmospheric horror/supernatural project like Roadside Assistance was.”

- Bears Fonte, director Roadside Assistance


"Working with Cory Perschbacher was truly a great experience. He listened to the needs of the project and constructed the score around the feel and tone of the movie. I was so grateful to receive a previous score that he created that was perfect for the main theme of my short film Ritechus Cry. With me being an independent filmmaker I was appreciative of his willingness to comprise and adjust to my vision. I would work with him again in a heartbeat."

-Jacolby Percy, director Ritechus Cry


"I worked with Cory Perschbacher on the first short film I wrote, produced and acted in called "And Let God Do The Rest". The first taste of his talent came when we completed the trailer which needed a score. We gave him direction as far as the feel and sound of the trailer giving him specific examples and he came back with electrifying music that elevated the tension of the trailer. 

When we completed editing for the entire short we sent it over to Mr. Perschbacher who arranged a magnetic score that elevated the movie and added to its psychologically  dark atmosphere. 

Mr. Perschbacher is creative, collaborative, and professional. He took any notes we had and incorporated it into his work. He also was very prompt and kept to the deadlines we set helping us release our film as scheduled. 

Mr. Perschbacher's love for music and  his passion for how a score can enhance the storytelling experience for the audience is what sets him apart. 

I will definitely use Mr. Perschbacher's talents in future projects as he is certainly a musical artist to look out for."

- Byron Vasquez Jr., writer/producer/actor And Let God Do the Rest